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Vtol is a series of artefacts that explore new ways of reading the human body. The first machine produced uses a sound controller which renders body movements into a music score in order to produce a tattoo on the arm. By means of this artefact, which looks similar to a music instrument, one can regulate different styles of music that are then controlled by the arm through a 3-dimensional gyroscope; simultaneously the machine draws a tattoo on the arm through the use of a motorized head. The pattern produced as a tattoo resurrects the purest constructivist imaginary of basic and simple forms that could also represent a new alphabet.  This artefact combines human body and robotic system into a single entity producing an adaptive system that benefits mutually from each other producing a new creative hybrid.

About the author

Dmitry Morozov is a media-artist, musician and engineer of sound based mechanisms. He is a member of the colective and a current resident of Nikola-Lenivets program. After 2000 Dmitry actively began using DIY and circuit-bent instruments for his own music projects, as well as making instruments for other musicians and media artists at the same time. He is the first serial music and video synthesizer producer in all of post-soviet territories, after the collapse of USSR. 

Besides making music and instruments, Dmitry creates audiovisual art-installations and advocates circuit bending and DIY electronic in Russia by means of lectures and workshops. As artist and musician he has participated in many art festivals and concerts in Russia, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Turkey, USA, Serbia, Slovenia, China, Hong Kong, India, Lithuania and Israel.