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Thirty three is a soundscape installation made from thirty three silver pillows of thin foil suspended from the ceiling. Its wave-like movements and sound bring tranquility to the exhibition space. A custom computer program controls the rhythms via a microcontroller (Arduino) connected with a real time clock. An important part of this exhibition is the experience of a brilliant, sizzling sound. The intensity and direction of the waves are determined by the actual tides at the harbor of Le Havre, which is the subject of Claude Monet’s painting “Impression soleil levant” from 1872 that gave rise to the name of the Impressionist movement. Approximately every six hours, when the water level reaches its highest or lowest point, the wavelike movement of the installation slows down until it restarts towards the opposite direction.These organic movements are based on the weltering movement of breakwater at the coast of Normandy.There is an interesting conflict between natural phenomenon and un-natural phenomenon, and this project creates a kind of great emptiness and site specific relaxation while using new technology.