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The artists begin from the premise that the different temporalities of living biological beings and their technological environments coexist in an uneasy tension; then they conjoined those dissonant temporalities in a mixed reality environment. The result is an eerie, otherworldly video displayed on a projection screen in an exhibition space, which coexists with a large circular terrarium specially constructed for the project to house several giant African snails, Achatina fulica. The snails are outfitted with coloured Augmented Reality markers on their backs. Primarily at night, because they are nocturnal creatures, the snails crawl about very slowly (about one cm. per minute) on a rotating stacked platform, and are tracked by a video camera. That Which Lives In Me augments the biological reality of the snails with two kinds of “electronic aura.” The first is a computer-generated graphic that is specific to each snail through the AR marker. In the video projection of the terrarium environment, these auras hover above the snails’ shells. In a second order displacement of realities and temporalities, ghostly video capture of the moving snails form an additional overlay – but this is separated in time from their actual movement by nine hours. The artists call the project a visual experiment in mediated reality, and it is also a poignantly intensified portrait of a life form.