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Inside a glass container with water, small aquatic robots seek out a light that is projected onto the container. The interaction of the robots with the light projected onto the water will create a hypnotic shadow theatre on the ceiling of the room.

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2008: Interactivos 08 Mexico- Tecnologias de la risa, with the project Sensitive Water (August, 1-16, 2008)
Art Residency in La Casa de Velazquez (from January, 8 to March 31)
2007: Interactivos? 2007 with the project La pizarra voluble
2005 (June): Video Residency in Serpa with Nucivo (june) – Núcleo de cinema y video de Universidade de Lisboa, creating the videos Arre!, Pregunta parva y Regarden.
2002/October.- 2004/January): Research/Textology on theater plays texst from XVIII century, with Dr. José Alberto Ferreira, Centro de Invest. Hist, Arte Univ. Évora.