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Technology developer Inti Condo, an Indigenous Puruhá from Chimborazo, Ecuador created #RunaTech after realizing the challenges that people with visual disabilities face in navigating the urban environment of Quito as pedestrians. Users don a suit that locates ultrasonic sensors throughout the body. When obstacles are detected a vibration system alerts the wearer. While initially developed to address a social problem in Ecuador, #RunaTech suggests the potential for bettering conditions for people with visual disabilities everywhere.

About the author

Inti Condo is a technology developer from Ecuador and indigenous Puruhá from Chimborazo (Ecuador). He is interested in developing technology to create a most egalitarian society applying open source technics. He is the creator of CyberCuy artist, Condor Android unmanned plane and the Quichua Game. He holds a bachelor of Arts and Interactive Multimedia Systems. Since 2012 he develops his activity as as programmer development at the Contemporany Art Center of Quito, Ecuador. In 2010 he lead the technological and interactive project for WishtuSound Features presented in the center of artistic promotion of Quito El Ejido, former Military Hospital, Faculty of Social Sciences. In 2011 he created the first collective interactive robot Ecuador Artist “CyberCuy” and the first drone “CondorAndroid” of Ecuador, developed as mobile eagle eye for the Metropolitan District of Quito. He is also the creator of the technology research Project Arachnophobia created for testing with people who have a phobia of spiders as well as the Quichua Gamer, the first technology platform augmented reality of Ecuador.