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The Poo Printer employs the idiosyncratic custom of all birds to defecate over any area they inhibit. This simple observation serves as the underlying principle of a printing apparatus that uses bird excrements to slowly generate the characters of the Latin alphabet. In its current form the device consists of a birdcage, where a group of Zebra Finches can only sit on – and eventually defecate from – a modular structure in the form of a letter. This allows the creation of generative typography in a completely analogue process that is inspired by contemporary digital visualization techniques. Within this lengthy and laborious process the author adopts the role of a “Big Brother” who directs and observes the transformation of the animals’ punk attitude into artistic productivity. The project investigates the physiological and social dynamics of the captured birds in a simulated industrial environment within an artistic-scientific context. All observations during this process as well as the various experiments and their subsequent results are rigorously documented. The results will allow the further development of the Poo Printer into a large-scale installation in public space, where free birds can participate in the generation of structured poo.

Sobre el autor

Licenciado en Bellas Artes por la Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Fabricio Lamoncha es un estudiante de Master en Arte Interactivo y Nuevos Medios en el Interface Culture Lab, Universidad de arte y diseño de Linz, Austria, en una tentativa por adaptar sus conocimentos en Arte y Arquitectura a su creciente interés sobre los actuales paradigmas sociológicos. Actualmente colabora con el Design Research Lab, en la UDK, University of Arts Berlin, en la producción de “DesignCity: Berlin” y otros proyectos.