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New Dunites is a research and art project comprising the historically rich site of Guadalupe-Nipomo Coastal Dunes in California that contains the buried ruins of the Cecil B. DeMille’s epic 1923 film “Ten Commandments” (the largest film set ever built), but also a wildlife refuge for 200 bird species including endangered ones.  The project is an attempt to articulate and augment the interaction between human and the environment through creating an experience that integrates the digital and the physical on the basis of a multidisciplinary research.  The research is based in the intersection of concepts from the “Archeology of the Media” (theorized by Huhtamo, Kittler and Zielinski, among others) and “Steps to an Ecology of Mind” (Gregory Bateson); both corpus of research deal with information artifacts in both philosophical and historical patterns.  The proposal for the art project is set to analyze and represent this juxtaposition examining the elements of this space and then exploring the gathering physical data, to layout a dynamic production plan for a media installation.

About the authors

Andrés E. Burbano Valdés
Colombian artist and researcher, explores the interactions of science, art and technology. His work ranges from documentary video, sound and telecommunication art to the exploration of algorithmic narratives. He is currently a PhD candidate in Media Arts and Technology at the University of California.

Solen Kiratli DiCicco
Architect, researcher and media artist. Her research interests are the nature and aesthetics of human interaction with space, media and computer. She is interested in integrating elements of architectural and urban space with media arts and technologies to create tools and interfaces for human/space and human/computer interaction. Solen has a BSc Degree in Architecture from Istanbul Technical University and Master’s Degree in Architecture from USC. She has several years of professional experience as an architect, in two major firms based in Los Angeles. She is currently a Ph. D student in Media Arts and Technology Program of University of California.