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This work, divided into two parts, consists first of a database with different texts by Freud, Nietzsche and Marx, translated into Spanish. Through software called chatterbox, a computer searches for semantic patterns among the stored texts and relates these to comments that the public can make on them. The second part of this installation will consist of a table with a monitor and a keyboard, to chat. On this table, there will also be a sewing machine which embroiders words without thread, punching into a cloth a continuous text extracted from the chatterbox analysis, the texts stored in the databases, the public’s input via the keyboard and news items taken from the main newspapers in Spanish.

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DEMIAN SCHOPF (1975, Frankfurt am Main, Germany) Lives and works in Santiago de Chile. Fine Arts Degree, Universidad Arcis, Santiago, Chile (1998). Magíster in Visual Arts, Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile (2002). Studied in Kunsthochschule Für Medien con Jürgen Klauke y Siegfried Zielinski, Colonia, Germany (2002-2004). Now he is studying for a PhD (Universidad de Chile, 2008-2012).