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Local history and choreography are brought together in a series of floating robots located in the waters that cover the submerged Portuguese village of Luz. Each robot will play back recorded stories told by ex inhabitants of the village, and using swarm intelligence will move towards any members of the public who also visit the installation by boat in order to convey their message. As darkness falls the robots use lights to perform a choreographed routine on the waters above the village as a poetic homage to the past and to the sense of place created by its now departed inhabitants.

About the authors

Teresa Cardoso is a Portuguese artist. Her work entails reducing her site-specific installations to near immateriality using mirrors and photographic images. Currently she is involved with photographic projects, defined as ImageObjects, which are presented on indoor advertising stands and which feature photography as a physical element within the space.

Mohammad Majid al-Rifaie has a background in journalism in the Middle East and is currently a researcher and PhD student in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Swarm Intelligence and Robotics. Having worked as a craftsman for several years, he had a deep desire to work on a multidisciplinary project of this nature which touched upon art, culture, science and robotics.

Rui Filipe Antunes is a PhD candidate in Arts and Computational Technologies at the University of London, researching Art and Artificial Intelligence. With a background in Computing and Fine Arts, he has exhibited in different galleries, festivals and curatorial projects, including FILE RIO 2009 in Rio de Janeiro and Lá Fora in Lisbon.

Patrick Tresset is an artist researcher currently preparing for a PhD in Arts and Computational Technologies at Goldsmiths College, University of London. He is also the co-director of the Aikon-II research project, which aims to understand sketching activities through robotics and cognitive computation. Patrick also exhibits his robots which are generally created within collaborative projects. Patrick’s main interest lies in clumsy non-utilitarian robotics.