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The House Of Natural Fiber (HONF)-Yogyakarta New Media Art Laboratory, founded by the artists in 1999, is a media art laboratory run by a community in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. IB:SC is a recent project that focuses on experimentation with the yeast Sacchromyces Cerevisiae in fruit fermentation, with the intention of making a safe and cheap alcoholic beverage using local fruits. The project was sparked by the announcement of a new regulation about increased tax on alcoholic products in March 2010, which made alcohol prohibitively expensive for many people in Indonesia. IB:SC is thus a broad community-based project that enrolls public assistance for the productive work of this particular yeast. As the fermentation process proceeds in the art installation form of the project, a soundscape tracks and expresses the change of sugar into ethanol and CO2, dependent on the yeast life cycle, temperature, types of fruit, light intensity and container volume. The title of the project is a pointed transposition from the research domain around Saccharomyces cerevisiae, which is one organism that is under study for potential parallels between its functional processes and neural networks. The research dimension is brought into the workshop methodology of the project, whose outcomes are freely distributed and – not to be overlooked – offered for tasting.