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“Infectos” is a robot installation that reflects on the mutations of viruses and organisms, appropriating the variability of the influenza A (N1H1) virus and the evolution of those infected with it, represented through two colonies of robots. One robot colony will behave like a virus, while the other will have the characteristics of organisms. The participants in this work can help ‘cure’ the robots, permitting a new evolution of the system.

About the author

Leo Nuñez was born on 23 April 1975 in Caseros, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He studied Systems Engineering at UTN (Universidad Tecnológica Nacional), Image and Sound Design at UBA (University of Buenos Aires) and an Electronic Arts Degree at UNTREF (Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero). He was awarded the Mamba-Fundación Telefónica Arts & New Technologies 3rd prize in the Experimental Multidisciplinary Project category for his work “Dispersiones” (Dispersions) (2006); the 3rd Vida 10.0 prize for his work “Propagaciones” (Propagations) (2007) and the Mamba-Fundación Telefónica for Arts and New Technologies 2nd prize in the Projects to Encourage Artistic Production category for his work “Espacio Cambiario” (Changing Space) (2009). His works are: “Pasos Discretos” (Discreet Steps) (2008), “Entes Indóciles” (Non-Docile Beings) (2008), “Game of Life” (2008), “Dispersiones” (Dispersions) (2008), “Propagaciones” (Propagations) (2007), “Rostros” (Faces) (2006).