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The installation will consist of a rectangular table on which 20 cm-high wires will represent blades of grass. In each corner of the table, there is an artificial flower, like a sunflower, fitted with a microphone which captures the sounds of the room. If a spectator speaks into one of these sunflowers, the metallic grass will start to move as if wafted by the wind. At the same time, another virtual wind, originating from the flow of data captured on the internet, will also generate movement in the grass. The project is intended as a reflection on the various external and internal forces that affect nature.

About the author

Tomás Laurenzo is an artist, designer, researcher and computer engineer from Uruguay.
He holds a degre in Computer Engineering from the UDELAR and a Master in Computer Science. Titled “new media art”, was done under the direction of Dr. Sergi Jordá, Universitat Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona, Spain, and Dr. Eduardo Grampín, University of Uruguay and was considerated a pioneering work in its field.
He has a rich experience working in both public and private sectors, working or having worked for many companies and institutions from Uruguay, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Mexico and USA.
He is an Assistant Professor of the Computer Science dept. of the University of Uruguay, where he works, since 2001, in the areas of new media art, human-computer interaction, computer graphics, and video games.
He has also performed academic activities in other foreign and local institutions including Carnegie Mellon University of USA, INRIA Institute of France, the ALFA academic network of the European Union, ORT and IUAS Universities of Uruguay and Uruguay’s Ministry of Education, among others.
He has publications in the areas of New Media Art, HCI and mobile robotics; his artworks have been shown both in Uruguay and in foreign countries.
Alone or whith other musical shows, his works about live cinema highlights among his artistic production: Chicas Japonesas, Roger Dannenberg, La Saga, MUX, Solar, Amelia, as well as installations made for GREY, Uruguayan Government or TOC Studio.