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This elegantly simple installation explores the phenomenon of acoustic feedback (Larsen effect) occurring in the physical space inhabited by two interacting mechanical devices. The distinctive screech of the Larsen effect typically arises when a microphone positioned too close to a speaker amplifies its sound, leading to a clipping or waveform distortion effect.

Equilibrium Variant is a table-mounted installation consisting of two mechanical arms, one bearing a microphone, the other a speaker. Displacements of these finely articulated limbs are programmed to ensure enough distance between the devices to prevent clipping of the amplifier. Interdependently harnessed to intangible sonic vibrations as much as to their mechanical bases, the microphone and speaker arms move constantly and unpredictably in response to permanently changing frequencies and positions. Equilibrium variant thus embodies the quest for an impossible perpetuum mobile or steady state. It offers a metaphor for our own lived experience of homeostasis, proxemics, and feedback, which invariably colours our encounter with this mechanically, poetically constrained pas de deux.

About the author

Roberto Pugliese was born in 1982 in Naples, where he lives and works. He started the study of percussion instruments when he was young, and he graduated in informatics. His passion for computers and music led him to enroll in Electronic Music course at the Conservatory San Pietro a Majella in Naples under the direction of M ° Agostino Di Scipio. After graduating in Electronic Music, his energy is absorbed by full-time designing sound installations. His research draws its energy mainly from two tendencies in art, sound art and kinetic and programmed art. He has created sound sculptures and sound installations in international galleries, museums and foundations such as ZKM Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe – Ballroom Marfa, Texas – Studio la Città Verona – IED Madrid – Galerie Mario Mazzoli, Berlin – Volta art fair NY – Piras foundation Asti – CIAC Museum, Genazzano, Roma. His compositions have been played in international festivals as Futura ‘07, Festival International D’art Acousmatique, Paris – 37° Festival international Synthèse 2007, Musique et Créations Electroniques, IMEB center, Bourges. Since 2009 he is teaching several courses about Electronic Music in Naples Conservatory.