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Densities suggests to create a swarm of aerial robots focused on urban exploration, whose mission is to carry out an elaborate field work which allows them to obtain data from their environment, either by capturing the levels of carbon dioxide or the radiation levels in a specific area. Besides, the robots will be equipped with the technologies needed to capture information from open wi-fi networks and to trace human activity. A prominent quality in the design of these flying robots is the ability to communicate with each other, by exchanging data they have obtained and by deciphering signals together, so that their joint efforts become more effective. However, Densities does not aim to withhold the data gathered during the sampling stage, but to express the possibility of these actions, their transmission from one bot to another, and the visibility of these activities before potential observers. With this project, the artist intends to raise awareness regarding the existence of technological objects integrating into our environment in a not so distant future, and to analyse the impact of this fact in our lives. Densities wants to anticipate the use of drones in the urban landscape by gathering the classic narratives of science-fiction wherein the presence and contact with flying objects with an organized behaviour becomes increasingly evident.