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The collaborative work of Asturian artists Fernando Gutiérrez and Daniel Romero (.tape) is characterised by the use of interactive installations where music and expanded drawing become prominent. In these installations, the graphic strokes that identify Gutiérrez’s work are linked to the sound experimentation of .tape, which gives rise to generative and highly versatile dynamic spaces. In Deambulatoria, the artists intend to build a lost Arcadia gathering an ensemble of oneiric creatures which are constantly moving and evolving. With the precedent of Rapsodia (2012) in mind, the artists intend to continue exploring in Deambulatoria a kind of animated figuration which evolves through generative algorithms and interactive interfaces. The beings inhabiting this space will be designed as an organised swarm whose behaviour tries to reach an apparently controlled balance. Nevertheless, the public will be in charge of causing alterations in the ecosystem through a series of biometric sensors, generating new behaviour patterns that gradually transform the space in an unpredictable and fortuitous way.