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For several decades, artificial life has studied the simulation of living organisms, particularly how some organisms interact with their peers, such is the case of ant colonies and other forms of swarm intelligence.  “Among” is a sonic and luminous environment composition of articulated tube lights that represent the movements rendered by the observation of living ants in an antquarium. The tube light’s positions and luminous intensities generate a visual and sonic environment in the space where the installation is presented.  The articulated tube lights are built with electroluminescent wire (EL-Wire) within acrylic tubes and are controlled by servomotors driven by an Arduino/Motoruino with a dedicated power supply.  The resulting sound, light and movement sequences generate an amplified choreography from the ant colony´s activity.

About the author

Media artist and curator. Currently he is MSc candidate in Digital Arts at the Universidade do Minho in Guimarães, where he focusses on possible interactions between the biological world and the digitalworld. He co-curated  Futurartes 2009 at Escola Superior de Artes e Design das Caldas da Rainha. In 2008 he joins the Laboratório de Criação Digital to focus on collaboration processes calm technology, ubiquitous computing and physical computing. He  is invited by the Ars Virtua Gallery and the New Media Center to present his virtual installation Immersivity through Synchronization. Co-founder of Ula.Li, responsible for the interactive sound and light installation Tu trazes Cor at Casa da Musica Porto for the festival Obra Aberta. Invited by the Australian network for Art and Technology ( ANAT ) to host a master-class in video jamming “ Trickster “ and to perform at the Adelaide Fringe Festival.