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The aim is the construction of an 88-bit organic memory by means of the pH of the fruit juice, making it possible to write words and short phrases and experience the changes these may undergo due to the process of degradation of the liquid which feeds the system. The expected result is an evolving sculpture whose final behaviour and definitive form are not known a priori.

About the author

Engineer and interdisciplinary artist who combines his interest in evolution and the development of life on earth with his interest in the evolution and development of human technology. In his work he explores the role of the amateur scientist, integrating art and design methodologies and processes in order to bring poetic and alternative pathways that may challenge prevailing scientific and technological directions. In 2005 Tamayo initiated v*i*d*a lab, an experimental workshop for industrial design students at Javeriana Pontifical University in Bogotá (Colombia), which explored the conception of new objects for everyday life, taking as a point of departure interdisciplinary approaches to the phenomenon of life.

Initially graduated from the School of Management Finance and Technologies EAFIT (Medellín) he later pursued graduate studies at the Design & Computation Arts program (former known as Design/Art) from Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec (Canada). He has participated in various electronic art workshops and events including: interactivos? Garage Science (Madrid, 2009), interactivos? Technologies of Laughter (Mexico, 2008), Pixelache University (Helsinki, 2008), Festival de la Imagen (Manizales, 2008 and 2004), Bogotrax (2007) and Dorkbot Bogotá (2006).