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Until 8 February 2015 the Kunstmuseum Bonnis hosting the exhibition Zeich[n]enby artist Kerstin Ergenzinger, winner of the First Prize at VIDA 15.0. The creator of the installation Rotes Rauschen bases her work on the perception of the space around us, as she explains in a recent interview for this blog, and in this exhibition she plays with drawings as traces and signs. The exhibition includes an installation created especially for the Kunstmuseum Bonn entitled Intrusion/Tiefenzeit, which consists of a moving mural …°W/…°O [keingradwestundkeingradost], a space of controlled light which invites the spectator to look for a way to orient themselves in an artificial environment, with hardly any spatial references to rely on. The projection loop Myopian Survey and a series of drawings complete Ergenzinger’s individual exhibition.

According to the artist, “To draw on site is to see and select simultaneously. Momentarily, the paper that I use represents the world. Its size and proportions dictate the boundaries and parameters in which I map that moment. […] Drawing defines time and space. Drawing, mark making is a means to laying tracks and paving the way for the observing eye”.