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The VIDA Awards rank among the most important distinctions in the field of new media art. Created in 1999 by Fundación Telefónica, they are currently the only prizes dedicated to art and artificial life. Over the past 15 years, VIDA has consolidated its firm commitment to defining and developing new contemporary artistic practices in the context of technological, scientific, and cultural innovation.

The VIDA 16.0 jury, consisting of international experts Honor Harger, Jose Carlos Mariátegui, Marina MacDougall, Mónica Bello, Nell Tenhaaf, Roger Malina, and Laura Fernández Orgaz, has selected the winners in the competition’s three categories: the Finished Project Prizes, the Incentives for Production Prizes, and, finally, the VIDA Pioneers Prize.

And, the jury of VIDA 16.0 granted a total of eight Honorable Mentions, one of which will be chosen to receive the People’s Choice Award. VIDA invites its followers to participate in the voting process via the PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD VOTING APP on FACEBOOK. This award, which comes with a cash prize of 6,000 euros, will be given to the project that receives the most votes between November 25 and December 5.

Graham Wakefield y Hyunkyung (Haru) Ji, “Archipelago”. (Reino Unido/Corea del Sur).
Chris Milk, “The Treachery of Sanctuary”. (EEUU).
Adam Ben-Dror y Shanshan Zhou, “Pinokio”. (Nueva Zelanda).
Tim Otto Roth, Heaven’s Carousel. (Alemania)
Anke Eckardt, “Ground” (Alemania).
Inti Condo, “#RunaTech”. (Ecuador)
Dmitry Morozov, “::vtol:: reading my body” (Rusia)
Sascha Pohflepp, “Zero Park”. (Alemania)