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From 17 October 17 to 22 November 2014, the Galerie Charlot in Paris will be holding the exhibition Feeling of Smell, by artist Eduardo Kac, who won a prize at VIDA 3.0 for his installation Genesis(1999). Known for his work in telepresence art and BioArt, the Brazilian artist has had a diverse career ranging from body art to the creation of hybrid organisms; like the “plantanimal”, created by inserting Kac’s own genes into a petunia for the Natural History of the Enigma project(2003/2008). His interest in making olfactory art comes from an extensive exploration of the body and the possibilities to establish communication through the senses by the most diverse means.

Language is a theme which interests Kac and which he develops through innovative forms of poetry (for example Biopoetry, Digital Poetry or ‘Holopoetry’ (holographic poetry)). A recent example is Aromapoetry(2011). It is made up of a book and a box with twelve different scents created specifically for this project. The scents are contained in a mesoporous nanoblade in each page of the book, which allows the viewer to smell the different scents as they turn the pages. As Kac affirms, it is the “first book exclusively written with scents, a book to be read with the nose.” The twelve “aromapoems” in this book can be experienced by visitors to the exhibition in the Charlot Gallery together with other works in the coming months.