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The Finnish Society of Bioart is calling for proposals for the artist residency programme Ars Bioarctica at the University of Helsinki’s Kilpisjärvi Biological Station located in the subarctic region of Lapland. This programme has taken place since 2010 and has now welcomed more than 50 artists, scientists and creators (among them VIDA award winners like Oron Catts or Erich Berger) who have carried out projects specific to this unusual place which is surrounded by nature. The resident artists are provided with accommodation, a place to work, a laboratory, an internet connection, and a sauna. The aim of the programme is to provide the opportunity to develop artistic and scientific collaborations in the context of the natural environment of the Arctic, especially those which involve fieldwork and artists who wish to collaborate on interdisciplinary teams.

Residents must cover travel and accommodation fees, and receive advice from a local expert in order to familiarise themselves with the environment and local customs. The deadline for proposals is 14 November 2014. Proposals should be sent to Erich Berger at