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In 2015, the yearly international symposium Balance-Unbalance will take place in Arizona, and will look at the ways in which interdisciplinary research which combines art, science and new technologies can develop initiatives that promote awareness of the environment and sustainable practices. In light of the unprecedented challenges which climate change brings, this symposium sets out to bring artists, scientists, researchers, theorists and cooperation agencies together to find solutions and promote knowledge of the problems caused by water shortages. In this regard, the Sonoran desert seems an apt location to reflect on climate change in desert environments.

 According to its organisers: “We are living in a world at its tipping point, where the balance between a healthy environment and the energy our society needs to maintain or improve its lifestyle and its interconnected economies could collapse more quickly than expected.” In this context, art is a catalyst which allows us to envisage new ways of interacting with the environment and to question the inequalities which our society generates. Balance-Unbalance has launched a call for projects, the closing date is 1 November 2014.