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The second edition of Bio-fiction Science Art Film Festival will take place from 23 to 25 October at the Museum of Natural History in Vienna (Austria). The festival explores the field of synthetic biology through different disciplines, such as engineering, sociology, science, art, design and also from the perspective of biology aficionados and film-makers. The festival includes conferences, performances, art shows and workshops, in addition to screenings of short films about synthetic biology, including documentary, fictional, and animated films. The festival is an initiative of Biofaction, an Austrian scientific research communications company whose work focuses on the production of documentaries on science and technology and on the study of ethical, legal and social questions raised by emerging science and technologies, such as genetic engineering and synthetic biology.


Bio-fiction has launched a call for short films on synthetic biology. The short films, which will be selected by a jury composed of film-makers, artists, synthetic biology researchers and sociologists, can be seen until 31 August. The selected short films will contend for a €6,000 prize.