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 From 29 to 31 August, the Tealemetree workshop will take place in the Hyytiälä forest in Finland, led by the artist Agnes Meyer-Brandis, winner of Second Prize in VIDA 15.0 with her project Moon Goose Analogue.  The title of the workshop is the result of the combination of the words “tea”, “telemetry” and “tree”, and consists of an exploration of the forest near the SMEAR Research Station in Hyytiälä during which participants will take “signs of the invisible” and investigate the different elements that are found in the natural environment to carry out their own experiments. The workshop is part of the artistic research by Meyer-Brandis, who combines scientific methods with imagination in what she calls “subjective science” and opens new possibilities for study and creative work within the environment. As the artist explains, the workshop includes the experience of “taking tea with a tree”.

Tealemetree was organised by Climate Whirl, a collaborative project between the Department of Forestry and the Department of Physics at the University of Helsinki, Simosol Oy and Capsula. The project is presented as a dialogue between art, science, education and software design, with the aim of promoting a holistic view of the research related to climate and ecosystems, as well as communicating the role of forests in climate change to the public at large. The workshop is open to students and professionals from the fields of science, biology, art, design, decorative arts and architecture.