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Daniel Canogar, the former artistic director of VIDA, is currently exhibiting his recent work at the bitforms gallery in New York in the show“Small Data”, which can be seen until 26th April. On this occasion, Canogar is presenting a new series of works that includes nine pieces in which the artist used video projection to give life to discarded electronic equipment on an intimate scale. Inspired by media archaeology, Canogar places this digital age waste in a new context, revealing new meanings in inanimate objects: broken computers, scanners, mobile phones, remote controls and hard disks have been rescued from recycling centres to become monuments to our present-day consumer society. Placed on shelves, the objects are animated by video projections that adjust to the specific space they occupy, giving the impression that the images and light are emanating from the device itself, thereby bringing it back to life. The rapid obsolescence of the technology that we use every day calls for reflection on the vertiginous spiral of renewal and disposal, something that the artist subverts by turning these unusable objects into works of arts and therefore raising them to a category higher than that of consumer products. In an obvious play on words with the term “Big Data”, which refers to the enormous amounts of data that corporations and governments hold on the habits and private lives of individuals, in “Small Data” Canogar proposes an intimate look at the more fragile aspect of the technology that dominates our society.