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 The School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York from 19th May to 20th June is organising  a residency programme on interdisciplinary practices in bioart, led by artist Suzanne Anker. The residency will take place at the Nature and Technology Lab, which offers its equipment and facilities for the development of student projects. Among the activities to be carried out are practical experiments with the microscope, tissue engineering and the production of miniature ecosystems. The training sessions will also include lectures by artists, scientists and museum curators.

Anker defines bioart as being based on three sub-genres: first, the sub-genre of artists who use iconography from current science (molecular and cellular genetics, transgenic alteration of living matter, reproductive technologies and neuroscience) in works that seek new ways of representing forms of life through traditional artistic techniques; secondly, those artists who use computer programs, systems theory and simulations to investigate different aspects of biology such as evolution, artificial life and robotics via digital sculpting and digital art installations; and making up the last sub-genre are artists who use biological matter as their medium, applying processes such as tissue engineering, plant breeding and research in transgenesis. The residency to be held at the SVA aims to explore these different aspects and offer participants the opportunity to develop their projects using different media and techniques.