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Strata is a project in which the artist Daniel Palacios (award-winner in VIDA 9.0 and VIDA 12.0) conducts research on data visualisation. Palacios collects information about a given space in a given moment, using dozens of devices that capture changes in light, temperature and sound levels and other factors that determine our perception of our environment. Instead of displaying the data analytically, the artist generates an abstract representation, based on curves that define sinuous shapes in drawings, sculptures and photographs. As he says, “it is not a statistical graph, it is a completely subjective thing that ultimately, rather than illustrating a fact exactly, tells a story about what has happened.”

The sculptures that have come out of this project, especially their implementation as works of art in public spaces, give full meaning to the research by Palacios. In this case, the pieces is the materialisation of the environmental conditions in which it is located, whether the light, the average temperature or the ambient noise in a public park where the sculpture, made up of hundreds of layers of weathering steel, is meant to stand as a record of the life that surrounds it. Until the end of December, an image of Strata will be exhibited on the façade of the CICUS (Centre for Cultural Initiatives at the University of Seville) as part of the exhibition No hay crisis creativa (There Is No Creative Crisis).