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Until the middle of the month, the Festival Nemo 2013 at Le Centquatre de Paris is hosting the sound sculpture Cycloïd-E by the Swiss collective Cod.Act. This piece, which comprises a series of tubular pieces arranged horizontally and activated by a motor, generates a particular sound through its movement, which is unexpectedly harmonic. The artists have taken their interest in the mechanisms that generate wave motions as a starting point to create this sculpture: five metal tubes joined together feature sound sources and sensors that allow them to emit different sounds based on their rotations.

 The sculpture runs through a series of rhythmic movements, like a dance, creating, in the words of the artists themselves, “a unique kinetic and polyphonic work, in the likeness of the “Cosmic Ballet” to which the physicist Johannes Kepler refers to in his “Music of the Spheres” in 1619.” This work is part of the reflection on the possible interactions between sound and movement developed by the artists since 1999, using electronic devices and inspired by the aesthetics of industrial machinery. In this regard, Cycloïd-E follows on from Pendulum Choir, the work with which Cod.Act gained an Honourable Mention in VIDA 14.0, involving a choral piece for nine singers located on hydraulic platforms that move according to the voice modulations of each member of the choir.