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To commemorate its long trajectory and its recognition as a key player in the sector, VIDA 16.0 has added as a new feature the VIDA Pioneers Prize. The aim of this prize is to recognise the work of artists who have laid the foundations for a new way of understanding creation through an alliance among art, science and technology.

Laurie Anderson, en Madrid

Laurie Anderson, en Madrid.

The Pioneers Prize continues the direction begun in 2009, during the tenth anniversary of the prize. On that occasion, the American artist Laurie Anderson was awarded by VIDA for her pioneering work and her outstanding role in the field of experimental art and new media.

During the celebration of VIDA’s 15th anniversary, the decision was taken to award this prize annually, so that artists with a solid artistic career in this area may be given recognition for their careers and their decisive contributions to the field. The prize is worth €12,000.

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