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Between 28th October and 3rd November, Copenhagen will be hosting the 7th annual digital arts festival, re-new 2013, which will bring together scientists, researchers, curators and artists for a series of lectures and exhibitions about the encounter between art, science and technology.

For the first time, the festival will be hosting its own international conference, integrating academic presentations with new ways to promote and publicise artistic creation linked to new technologies. In search of an interdisciplinary meeting, re-new has chosen a format that enables collaborations between artists, researchers, curators and the public.

A set of works selected from hundreds of proposals will be exhibited during the festival, including the work of award-winning artists from several editions of VIDA. Matt Kenyon (an award-winner in VIDA 7.0 and VIDA 12.0) will present three recent works: Supermajor, an installation consisting of several cans of engine oil towards which liquid flows in defiance of the laws of gravity; Cloud, a device that generates small house-shaped clouds, and Puddle, an installation in which a liquid forms words on a surface. With an unmistakeable sense of spectacle, Kenyon’s works offer up a harsh criticism of the energy policies of the United States. Also present at re-new are Guy Ben-Ari (an award-winner in VIDA 12.0), who together with Kirsten Hudson, Mark Lawson and Stuart Hodgetts has developed the installation In Potentia, consisting of a semi-living neuronal network that generates a soundscape. Finally, Garnet Hertz (an award-winner in VIDA 9.0) is exhibiting Videodome, a piece that confronts viewers with a delirious composition made up of images of their faces.

These and other works by various international artists will be part of the programme of the re-new festival, which will be held in the PB43 cultural centre on the island of Amager.