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Ubatuba, a Brazilian town distinguished by its natural environment and the importance of its traditional communities (Caiçaras, Quilombo and other indigenous groups) will be hosting the Tropixel Festival of Art, Science, Technology and Society from 21st to 25th October. This initiative, which has been established as a Brazilian branch of Pixelache, the transdisciplinary platform for experimental art, design, research and activism, will bring together artists, scientists, activists and researchers in order to explore the social and environmental context of Ubatuba as a scenario in which to imagine a different future.

In its first edition, Tropixel is exploring aspects regarding the environmental impact of technology and today’s society, the creative use of technological resources, living culture and projects for a sustainable future. For this purpose, it will be hosting a series of lectures and presentations of art and research projects, as well as workshops and urban activities. The particular framework of Ubatuba will confer a specific context on this initiative in which it will be seeking to develop a dialogue between art, technology and the environment.

The festival is to be held under the supervision of a scientific committee made up of researchers from the Federal University of Juiz de Fora and with the participation of representatives from the Finnish Society of Bioart and other invited experts.