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Biofilia, a space for learning and research into art and biology created in 2012 at the School of Art, Design and Architecture at Aalto University in Finland. Biofilia offers a platform for discussion on the manipulation of life and biological processes, both at a practical and theoretical level. It is currently the only fully equipped biological laboratory to be housed in an art school and thus constitutes a unique setting for the meeting between art, technology and life sciences. It provides artists, researchers and students with an opportunity to learn about and investigate the possibilities of biological sciences in a unique way that combines seminars and workshops with field work in natural environments. Since its inception, Biofilia has relied on the advice and collaboration of Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr, founders and coordinators of the prestigious art and biology laboratory SymbioticA, whose work received the VIDA 10.0 award, among others.


Until 11th December 2013, Biofilia will be offering an introductory course on biological art which combines transdisciplinary research, artistic production and reflection on the ethical issues in biotechnology. The work at the Biofilia laboratory is complemented by lectures given by artists and researchers such as Terike Haapoja, Antero Kare and Oron Catts, as well as visits to research centres in Helsinki and Espoo. Aimed at Masters and PhD students, the course seeks to provide participants with basic training in the working processes and protocols of a biology laboratory, as well as scientific research methods.