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Following the closure of the Netherlands Media Art Institute (NIMK) in late 2012, a team of experts from this institution has created the LIMA (Living Media Art) Foundation, dedicated to the preservation, distribution and study of media artwork. One of the Foundation’s main objectives is to continue the work started at the NIMK, providing digital preservation of video art and digital media by more than 500 artists from over 15 art collections in the Netherlands. The digitisation and preservation of digital files is the first phase of this mission, followed by the distribution of the works, which will be made available for exhibitions and screenings.


LIMA is also working on increasing its collection with new works and establishing itself as a benchmark for other collections and researchers. In this area, the foundation is focusing on video art, digital art installations and performances. The nature of these types of works makes them particularly vulnerable to the passage of time, obsolescence of equipment and the need to conserve not only an object, but also the experience it generates. Therefore, another essential aspect of LIMA is its Sustainability Lab, in which artists and curators discuss strategies to ensure that media artwork remains accessible over a long period of time.


Initiatives such as LIMA highlight the delicate life of one section of contemporary art, as well as the need to develop ways to preserve works created with unstable media. Only through shared protocols and projected long-term solutions is it possible to preserve media art for future generations.