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Creating artificial life is one of the most ancient aspirations of our civilisation. In 1987 when Christopher Langton raised the possibility that a machine could drive a unique living process, the science of artificial life was born. Within a mere decade, VIDA was inaugurated as a competition whose mission was and is to promote art that explores artificial life. As part of an interdisciplinary panorama in which creation, technology and science merge, VIDA has placed itself at the forefront of research.

This documentary provides some of the key points from this outstanding field of study. Charting a brief historical journey, the documentary looks at the old problem of creating life from artificial processes, from the utopias of the past to the possibilities being provided by the most advanced technologies of today.

A number of internationally recognised scientists and thinkers, including Ricard Solé, Steen Rasmussen, Gus Eiben, Rolf Pheifer and Jens Hauser, talk about certain aspects of the concepts of life, intelligence and behaviour, the importance of which is vital to modern science. Also, Chico MacMurtie, Phillip Beesley, Bill Vorn, Erik Olofsen, Gilberto Esparza and Gustavo Romano, a collection of VIDA prize-winning artists, describe how they apply the principles of living systems to their work.