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From 5th July to 8th September, AlhóndigaBilbao presents the exhibition Artists as Catalysts, in collaboration with Ars Electronica Center (Linz, Austria). The exhibition, which brings together 11 works by artists from different countries, focuses on the role of artists who are working with new technologies and suggesting new ways of looking at global issues such as the environment, sustainability, the production of consumer goods and media manipulation.


Among the participating artists are creators linked to the VIDA contest such as Cesar Harada, who is presenting his project Protei (winner in VIDA 13.2), Julian Oliver (winner in VIDA 13.0) and Seiko Mikami (jury member in VIDA 15.0), who is presenting her piece Desire of Codes, a complex interactive installation consisting of a wall covered with surveillance cameras, various robotic arms equipped with cameras and a circular projection that evokes the eyes of an insect and shows the visitor’s surroundings mixed with other images. These artists are also joined by other prominent creators, such as Finnbogi Pétursson, Eric Paulos, Daan van den Berg, Danja Vasiliev, Paolo Cirio, Alessandro Ludovico, Manu Luksch, Matthew Gardiner, Golan Levin and the Ehu Zarata Lab.


Artists as Catalysts is an exceptional opportunity to discover a set of outstanding works of art and new technologies that invite us to rethink our current reality.