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Until 16th October, the Wyspa Institute of Art in Gdansk (Poland) is hosting the visual arts festival Alternativa, which this year takes place under the title Till Tomorrow! Ideologies Of City Planning And The Tactics Of Dwelling. This exhibition makes a critical exploration of the way the arrangement of our urban habitat responds to a particular ideology and raises questions such as: What is a city? How do we live in it? How can a city transform its meaning? In this context we present the installation Urban Generation; trying to imagine the world from everyone else’s perspective, all at once (2004), by Stanza (equal 1st Prize in VIDA 6.0), an exploration of the city of London through images obtained in real time from 200 surveillance cameras.


As the artist puts it, through this work he seeks to explore “the emotional state of the metropolis and consider a world of universal surveillance”. The images obtained from the surveillance cameras are automatically put together in various ways, generating an “urban tapestry” in which the specific details of each image are lost. The piece is shown as a series of computer components that are spread over an area, still working but at the same time vulnerable, in order to communicate to the viewer the helplessness of the citizen before this state-imposed surveillance.