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Fundación Telefónica organized the VIDA 13.0 workshop with Italian artist Sonia Cillari, an activity that took place on 26th, 27th and 28th October 2011 at the Matadero Madrid facilities.

The event was entitled “Piel emocional. Performance y espacios sensoriales” (“Emotional Skin. Performance Art and Sensory Spaces”), winner of an honourable mention at VIDA 9.0 and first prize at VIDA 13.0 last year.  It shared  the exploration of sensory and perceptual mechanisms in immersive environments with participants, as well as the patterns of consciousness, perception and identity that emerged in those environments.

The workshop was structured into three main sections: Physical and phenomenological reality; The body as an interface: how can we experience space?; and, lastly, Physical phenomena and the radiating body.

The workshop was also planned as an open discussion in which attendees could propose new perceptive strategies and discuss a number of specific topics selected.