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The Finnish Society of Bioart organises a one-week stay at an art and science laboratory at Kilpisjärvi Biological Station in Sápmi/Finland, entitled Field_Notes – Deep Time. The laboratory will consist of five working groups, led by the artists and researchers Oron Catts (runner-up at VIDA 10.0), Antero Kare, Leena Valkeapaa, Tere Vaden, Elisabeth Ellsworth and Jamie Kruse. The groups will draw up and evaluate different interdisciplinary proposals relating to the concept of deep time, the equivalent of geological time.

The laboratory seeks find answers for the gap between human perception and understanding of time and the time scale in which biological, environmental and geological processes take place. The Kilpisjärvi station and its sub-Arctic natural environment provide the perfect context and resources for these reflections. The laboratory will be held between 15th and 22nd September, followed by a conference in Helsinki on 23rd and 24th September, during which the results of the research will be presented.

The Finnish Bioart Society was established in 2008 and is dedicated to producing and promoting activities related to art and the natural sciences, especially biology, biotechnology and bioethics. It actively participates in international bioart, art and science networks and its members hail from many diverse fields ranging from the plastic arts to zoology, botany, genetics, engineering and philosophy.