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Until 1st September, at Espace Fondation EDF in Paris, you can visit the En vie/ Alive exhibition, which brings together 34 projects of architecture, design, photography and art regarding the possibilities being opened by a new type of design based on biological models. According to the curator, Carole Collet, through the projects submitted “a future hybrid world is created and revealed in which our everyday products and tools will be ‘alive’.” The projects operate in the spectrum that lies between “natural nature” and “programmable nature”, in their search for innovative ecological models.

Highlights among the pieces presented in the exhibition include Radiant Soil, an installation by Philip Beesley (1st Prize at VIDA 11.0) that reinterprets the concept of “earth” (in terms of subsoil, the fertile earth in which plants grow) as a set of elements suspended from the ceiling, forming clouds of biomimetic components created with industrial materials (polymers, metal, glass), which contain an “almost alive” carbon capture metabolism. Sets of fern-shaped pieces react to the presence of visitors, retracting and emitting light beams that activate the entire system. Other devices spread odours that attract visitors and thus facilitate feedback to the installation. Through this piece, Beesley proposes a new perception of our environment and the questioning of what constitutes a living organism.