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From 31st May to 2nd June, the Central University of Queensland (Australia) welcomes the Balance-Unbalance International Congress, dedicated to exploring the nexus between nature, science, technology and society. This is the third edition of this Congress, which was previously held in Argentina (2010) and Montreal (2011) and which has the support of institutions such as Leonardo, the UNESCO and other organisations. Under the slogan “Future Nature, Future Culture[s]”, the conference brings together artists, theoreticians and researchers for a series of sessions and conferences which include art installations and performances.

Regarding the idea behind the conference, the organisers ask themselves the question: How will we define nature in 20, 50 or 100 years? How will we live in the future? How can creativity help shape a society based on understanding and interconnection? Starting from the conception of the world as a network of connections between all forms of life, a proposal is made for an expansion of our understanding of life, including a better understanding of different cultures and the environment.  At a time of ecological crisis, thinking about a sustainable future is no longer an utopia, but a matter of survival. In order to encourage a kind of creative thinking that can generate solutions, Balance-Unbalance seeks to explore all kinds of proposals from different cultural perspectives and socio-economic environments.

The conference will take place at Noosa Biosphere, a natural area declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO, and coincides with Floating Land, a festival of art and nature that promotes environmental awareness through art.