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Until 9th June, the art and culture space La Friche la Belle de Mai in Marseille is hosting the exhibition La Dernière Vague, part of the festival ‘This is (not) Music’, which explores how the cultures of surfing, skateboarding and kustom kulture have seeped into contemporary art. The exhibition, which brings together hundreds of works by 58 artists, includes an installation by David Bowen, winner of the Third Prize in VIDA 12.0 with Growth Modelling Device.

Tele-Present Water, the piece presented by Bowen in Marseille, is a mechanical structure that reacts to data obtained on the intensity and movement of water in a remote location. The information is collected from station 51003 of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The station was originally located 205 miles south-east of Honolulu but its whereabouts are currently unknown. Still operational, however, this station records the frequency and intensity of the waves. These data are captured by Bowen’s installation and transmitted to the structure, which simulates the physical effects of the water’s movement. The work thus allows us to visually experience the activity of a remote and unknown place in the form of a kinetic sculpture in constant transformation.