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On 10th and 11th June the Arteleku Art and Technology Laboratory in Donostia-San Sebastián will host a workshop by the artists Clara Boj and Diego Díaz, who were awarded the Iberoamerican Production incentive in VIDA 13.2 for their project Institute for the Studies of Biological Enigmas – Mar Menor Research.

In the project submitted to VIDA 13.2, the artists explored the ecosystem of the Mar Menor and how it is affected by urban development. Now, in this workshop, they explore the urban environment as a space for creation and communication. Entitled Gentes, plazas y chats: la ciudad como interfaz (People, Squares and Chatrooms: The City as an Interface), the workshop aims to analyse the structures of the city, the impact of architectural structures on people and the increasingly widespread use of mobile devices in artistic, architectural, scientific and leisure projects. The city is explored as an ecosystem with its own dynamics, that change with the use of new technologies: wireless networking, geolocation, augmentecityd reality and other resources that make public spaces a hybrid territory between the physical world and virtuality.

Boj and Díaz have developed several projects throughout their career that combine augmented reality, the visibility of wireless networks and the exploration of urban space in cities like Gijón, Valencia, Singapore, Linz and Tokyo.