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In recent years, we have witnessed how the concept of artificial life has evolved. The original concept, coined by Langton, has been expanded to include new properties, more sophisticated technologies, and groundbreaking displays of artistic expression. VIDA has sought to highlight the historic relationship between art, science and thought by gathering, over the course of fourteen years of contests, some of the most extraordinary explorations of life. This research field, which seeks to encapsulate some aspects of living organisms within artificial systems, currently offers attractive challenges for creators. We have set out to ask ourselves about these issues, and reflect upon them: where do complexities in current artificial life research lie, and where are they leading us?, which are the mechanisms that govern life dynamics, and how are they expressed?, how is all this research conveyed into the works of the artists?

These and other questions will be analyzed in this new online space that opens today to focus on art and artificial life in their broadest sense. The contest will be shown from different perspectives: the historic perspective, which covers the fourteen years of the contest and the works prized in each edition; and the discourse perspective, through a series of seminal documents and articles, essential to understanding the discipline. Furthermore, new contents will be made available on a regular basis, offering an overview of the most current art forms in contact with science, technology and thought, devoting time to current trends and their defining features.

Through this new blog, VIDA wishes to celebrate research in an ever expanding field, and the technologies, and mediums that shape it as an art form.